ISM&ISPS Department


 The department’s role is to implement, both on board and ashore, an efficient, continuously evolving Safety and Environmental Management System capable of exceeding industry requirements.

      The ISM & ISPS department strives to:

• Comply with and continuously seek to improve on applicable health, safety, security and environment laws, rules, regulations, international industry standards and other related internal and external requirements;
• Utilize our safety and environmental management systems to achieve continual improvement, including setting ISM & ISPS objectives and performing regular audits and reviews;
• Actively engage all levels of management and employees in ISM & ISPS performance;
• Continuously improve safety management skills and promote safety culture of all personnel ashore and aboard ships;
• Identify training needs of all personnel ashore and aboard ships in order to effectively and efficiently implement our Safety and Environmental Policy;
• Effectively implement our enhanced environmental standards and prevent deviations from such procedures;